Because your business is as unique as you are, we believe that your business challenges deserve a specific solution.

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At TKC Solutions, we approach your business without preconceived notions, or pre-packaged 'service bundles'.

No matter what your business needs, our network of people, skills and resources allows us to create unique solutions for your business.



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TKC Solutions Advisory Inc is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Lake Oswego, OR


Whether you need help starting, growing or even gracefully exiting your business, our advisory services and personal support are what you need to meet your business needs.

BUSINESS SPECIALISTS ... Navigate the maze of funding with a seasoned advisor
Whether it's a commercial loan, a line of credit, grants or government supported programs, our extensive network of local institutions work with small business owners like you. Our worldwide network connects us to venture, and other funding sources.

BUSINESS PLANS ... Without a map, you can wind up anywhere
We recognize that having someone 'do a business plan' for you is an exercise in futility. All business owners must develop and OWN their business plan. We will work as your coach and advisor to help you produce a roadmap for your business, which you will know backwards and forwards.

EMPLOYEES ... Motivation, Assessment and Strategy
Are you trying to hire 'yourself'? Many owners struggle with hiring, often without a firm set of tasks and jobs defined. If a large firm makes a hiring mistake, it is a problem. If a small firm hires the wong person, it can be catastrophic. We will help you understand what you need from employees; fit, role, motivation and incentive.

OPERATIONS ... Process, Flow and Profit
Many small businesses 'hit a wall' when they encounter the very thing the owner has been striving for...SUCCESS! Rapid growth can stress informal operations to the breaking point. Often, simple techniques can save the owner a lot of trial and error, and provide corrective action. Our business review methods bring jargon free, practical and affordable solutions to your business.

REVENUE ... Where will your growth come from?
Knowing how to grow is a constant challenge for owners. Not having a ready and adaptable answer means your are leaving growth to others, usually your competition. TKC Solutions enhances your knowledge of your business with decades of experience in multiple industries to help you find answers.

MARKETING ... Do You Know Your Target Customers?
Business owners assume they know their market, yet are often puzzled by questions such as, Who isn't buying? Who should I advertise to? Am I closing the right number of sales? What are my competitors doing? TKC Solutions brings basic, affordable techniques to ensure that the time and money you spend on marketing and selling is effective.

CONTROLS ... Flying Blind
Piloting an airplane is simple compared to running a business in changing times, yet pilots are required to regularly upgrade their skills. Small business owners often know little or nothing about the basic basic financial controls and key operating indicators that will allow them to take corrective action before they crash. TKC Solutions works with your people and processes to help you get and use the warning information you need.

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