TKC Solutions for Small Business

TKC Solutions Inc., Founded in 2005 by Tom Cochrane
to exclusively focus on small business in Oregon and Southern Washington
TKC Solutions for Small Business

TKC Solutions Business Success Stories

TKC Solutions Advisory Inc is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Lake Oswego, OR


Trucking Company Start Up -Referred by the lending institution, TKC Solutions was able to coach the new owner through creating a business plan, first defining why he would not be ‘just another guy driving a rig’, followed by a detailed market segment focus on a particular set of services and target customers. Owner secured written commitments to haul enough loads to finance the initial equipment, and now has a performance driven set of triggers to define when he should make new capital acquisitions based on cash flow. Owner exceeded revenue targets in his first year.

Landscaper with Profit Squeeze - Diagnosed lack of controls on job and bid to actual costs, defined new incentive scheme for crew leaders to share profits generated by jobs completed under bid.

Metals Manufacturer - Coached owner to create growth strategy to overcome customers and work being shifted overseas. Business is now buying new facility and equipment to meet demand by offering ‘domestic outsourcing’ of internal customer functions.

Software Consultancy - Created low cost and targeted ‘guerilla marketing’ approach to overcome lack of direct sales force. Worked with owner to bring focus to services offered and specified a growth path for both consultancy, offshore services and software products

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